I like that it is an inclusive environment that allows my child to grow. He LOVES learning with GBS staff. They make it fun.

Anonymous Parent

I attended the 12-week Educator Series with Cheryl Holler from Gateway. Each week our discussions were very informative...I was able to share my challenges, but also the tools that were working when being in the classroom with Autistic children. Many wonderful points were shared and Cheryl was a wonderful presenter!

Educator Series Participant

‚ÄčBeing a member of the GBS staff is an incredibly rewarding experience. My professional goals are highly supported, my co-workers are friendly and helpful, and I have always felt I am a valued member of the GBS team!


Ever since we initially walked through GBS' door, we felt like this is what we've been searching for all this time. Still just as pleased with everything to this date!

Anonymous Parent